2018-2019: Wild Sage Teas are made fresh-to-order and are only available at our local PT Food Coop, Bear Root Apothecary, Chimacum Farm Store, Star Store Basics-Langley, Bay Hay and Feed – Bainbridge Island.  Thank you!

~ Artisan Crafted Herbals ~

…living synergistic infusions of multiple healing botanicals offering gentle healing and nutritive hydration in warm and receptive cups…. 

Wild Sage offers some of the finest quality, pure leaf, organic herbal teas on the planet.  We believe that herbs and teas grown and processed in healthy regions and in healthy ways, brings good health to us all.  We offer a unique dozen or more, organic herbals handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest for health and pleasure ~

We brew Olympic style on the Peninsula 


Honoring Healing Plants

wild passion flower

Wild Passionflower

Wild Sage honors plants, from humble to grand, as our “true elders”.  Plants, and healing plants known as herbs, bring much needed earth wisdom, essential nourishment and healing to us all.  Plants use as food and medicine is inherent in all cultures throughout the world and throughout all historical times. From the beginning of time, plants have been a source of nutrition, inspiration and healing for all of life.  

Plants embody the vital life force energy of the planet, the “spirit” of the earth. Plants have always nourished, healed and transformed humanity.

Transforming the World One Sip at a Time

WILD SAGE believes our connections to the natural world are enhanced when we reconnect with the traditional use of plants and herbs for natural health and healing. 

Drank for health or pleasure, tea brings self-care and preventative health care into your own “cups”.   Just one steep away, tea promotes harmony of mind, body, mind, soul, spirit and cosmos.

The Path of Balance is the underlying foundation of longevity in all living things  ~ Taoist Concepts

Balance is embodied in the relative and dynamic Taoist principles of Yin and Yang ~ observed in the everyday rhythms, patterns and cycles of Nature ~ ebb-flow, moon~sun, night~day, cool~warm, winter~summer, contract~expand, seed~flower.  Nature’s polarities are also reflected in human nature ~  inward-outward, passive~active, feeling-thinking, soft~hard, intuition~logic, creative~ destructive, chaos-symmetry…even illness-wellness

~ Wild Sage Herbal Tonic Teas are blended for optimal quality, balance and pleasure  ~

*  Enter and Be Transformed  *