Artisan Crafted Herbals

WILD SAGE is an artisan crafted herbal tea company with 15 unique certified organic herbals blended for “Health and Pleasure”.  Herbs for our Organic Tonic Herbals are sourced regionally in the Pacific Northwest, whenever possible, because we are committed providing the finest quality herbal pure leaf teas on the planet.  All our herbals are 100% pure and authentic –  never containing artificial flavors, or “so-called” natural flavors or any flavor additives.  We believe that herbs and teas grown and processed in healthy regions and healthy ways,  bring good health to all of us!

Transforming the World One Sip at a Time

WILD SAGE believes our connections to the natural world are enhanced when we reconnect with the traditional use of plants and herbs for health and healing.  Health is achieved when one experiences a complete integration of mind, body, emotions, spirit and cosmos.  Our Organic Tonic Herbals are handcrafted using high quality, well-known herbs to provide safe and effective ways to take self-care and preventative health-care into our own “cups”.

Honoring Healing Plants

greenleaflightHealing plants, known as herbs, have long been a source of healing for humanity, from the beginning of time.  The use of plants, as food and medicine, is inherent in all cultures, throughout the world, throughout all historical times.  Plants carry the vital life force energy of the planet,  the “spirit” of the earth,  that has always nourished, healed and transformed humanity.  Wild Sage honors plants as our “true elders” – that bring much needed wisdom, nourishment and healing to us all.

Follow The Path of Balance


WILD SAGE promotes “The Path of Balance” embodied in the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang – the relative and dynamic principles observed in the rhythms, cycles and patterns of nature.  Night-day, moon-sun, winter-summer, seed-flower, ebb-flow; these principles are also observed in human nature; inward-outward, feeling-thinking, chaos-symmetry, even illness-wellness.  These fundamental principles guide in the creation of all our herbal blends for synergy, taste, healing and balance.

  • “The Path of Balance” is the underlying foundation of longevity in all living things. 

~ Enter and Be Transformed ~