Roots, Rocks and Rhythms

“The goal in life is to make your heart beat match the beat of the Universe,                                                         to match your nature with Nature”       Joseph Campbell

WILD SAGE was originally created in spring 1999 to offer healing herbs and specialty teas to the local community.  We began by custom blending our herbs to treat specific conditions for customers.  Following repeated requests for our delicious and effective  teas, our full line of Organic Tonic Herbals was created and evolved.

Our desire to share good health and good vibrations through the wonderful healing medium of quality tea is evident in the remarkable freshness, vibrancy of taste and therapeutic-healing value of our herbal teas.

As a Geologist, the study of the earth and her dynamic systems, including water and plants, has always been on my agenda.  Geologists naturally view the world  “wholistically”.  We have to – for it’s the only way grasp concepts from crystalline structure to plate tectonics.  When you view the earth as a living dynamic system, with everything connected on a very deep level, you begin to understand our own connection to our blue planet. Our human elements, are born out of the very same elements that created the Universe, which are the same elements which comprise the rocks, the water, the plants and all of life. The organizing principles and intelligence of nature is evident, and inherent, in all living things.

My study of healing plants evolved naturally from my earth research.  The healing principle  “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” resonated deeply for me and I began shifting from working to “cleanup” the environment to the mindset which allows us to pollute it, and ourselves, so rampantly in the first place.  Through studies of Eastern philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, my mantra evolved into  “Inner Peace brings Outer Peace”.  When we truly honor, respect and protect our bodies, our selves, and take primary responsibility for our own health and choices – we truly begin to  honor, respect,  protect and take greater responsibility for our earth.

Tea ~ the humble shrub ~ is truly one of the world’s greatest treasures .  Not only has it changed the course of world history, it is very easy to fall in love with – it’s beauty, it’s fragrance, it’s variety, it upfliting and calming effects, the art, culture, spirituality, tradition, the ritual.  Taoist say  “The universe is reflected in a bowl of tea”  – for tea embodies all life forces of the earth to create – fire, earth, air, water, wood, spirit – to evoke much needed , ah….transformation.

We understand what we are taught, we love what we understand, and we protect what we love.  After more than 35+ years of studying the Earth, protecting watersheds and ecosystems, researching native plants, teas and healing herbs, creating simple, pure and wholistic herbals is a natural evolution.  I have created Wild Sage Teas with “nothing but mother nature” using well-known, safe herbs in synergies blended for energetic and therapeutic effects with delicious taste unadulterated by flavorings (natural or artificial).  I believe there is no healing without joy in this world and keeping it simple sustains our connection to the natural world. I have  found my own medicine through  “transforming the world, one sip at a time” with the creative alchemy of Wild Sage Teas.  Cheers to your health, and our earth, for they are both in our hands and  in our own “cups”.  Most importantly, the true key to an “ounce of prevention”,  is to reveal that “pound of cure”  is found within.

Thanks to the community of Port Townsend, and to the people of Puget Sound and beyond, that have loved and supported Wild Sage Store throughout all the years!   Special thanks to Aaron Carver, John Strunk, Sylvia Heins, Susie Jewell, Kate Driehaus, Veerinder Chawla, James Norwood Pratt, Simone Dunlap, Frank Boushie, Tracy Bird, Birch Gerke,  Julie McHugh,  Rick Johnson, Alia Stevens, Rainie Sunshine, Wes Cecil, Marti Dodge, Brett Pemberton, Tessa Gelder, Latrecia Arthur, Andi Niessen, Regina Sheriff, Har Gopal and Kayla Boyd, Paula Hill, Justin Bjur, Heather Cole, Nicole Larson, Matt Hulsey, Beverly Michaelson, Steve Bonnell, Elizabeth Morgan, Kristen Berg, Aemmer, Julia Corbett, Kim Nunes, Christine Schoper, Declan Westcott and many others that have loved and supported us!  

Much Gratitude for sharing your hearts and souls with all of us, and the “tao of tea”.


May the healing herbs flow freely into your cups, and may the spirit of tea always be with you!