15 Tonic Herbals

Bringing Balance to Life


Organic Tonic Herbals are herbalist handcrafted with only the finest Certified Organic herbs in small batches for optimal quality, unparalleled freshness and delicious taste.  Pure, Natural and Additive-free – our herbals never contain artificial or “so-called” natural flavorings and are 100% caffeine-free (except Earthdrum).  Our remarkably delicious taste is achieved through the “Art of Alchemy” in blending nature’s aromatic essences, herbal energetics and therapeutic healing  values.

BALANCING HERBALS   ~ Enjoy any time of day or night ~

Uplifting, nourishing and gently relaxing, these yin-yang blends enhance greater balance in body, mind and spirit.  


Enjoy Vitality: Uplifting, aromatic lavender-spearmint blend delights and gently calms, a perfect balance for any celebration!  Celebritea is light and refreshing, Ideal to celebrate any day or night!  [shop online]

100% Organic spearmint leaf, lavender flower, linden flower and leaf, catnip, red clover herb, lemongrass, lemon balm, hawthorn leaf and flower.

GoddessChiGoddess Chi

Create Balance: Ultra-nourishing, “berry-like” soft hibiscus-rose tonic enhances creative energy, refreshes taste buds and provides multiple benefits for heart, blood sugar and hormone balance.  Goddess Chi is an enticing, enlivening, and beautiful fuchsia brew that is great hot or iced!  [shop online]

100% Organic hibiscus flower, red rose petals, red raspberry leaf, red clover herb, oatstraw, spearmint leaf, licorice root, cinnamon chips, ginger root, stevia leaf.

GypsyLemonPeaceGypsy Lemon Peace

Enlighten Spirit: Quadruple lemon-ginger blend brings “easygoing” sunshine to the spirit and gently assists digestion. Beneficial for any cold and congestion, too.  Gypsy Lemon Peace is like “sunshine in a cup”, embodying warmth and upliftment.  [shop online]

100% Organic lemongrass, lemon myrtle leaf, lemon balm, ginger root, rose hips, lemon peel.

MintyBellyBalmMinty Belly Balm

Soothe Mind: A “design of nature” that all the most effective digestive herbs taste good! Delicious, peaceful “enlighten-mint” soothes and aids digestion, and assists to calm and clear the mind, too.  Soothing, purifying and clarifying, Minty Belly Balm is postively delicious!  [shop online]

100% Organic peppermint leaf, spearmint leaf, fennel seed, lemon balm, marshmallow root, ginger root, licorice root, cinnamon chips, chamomile flower.

 RELAXING HERBALS   ~ For seeking soothing relief ~

Stress relieving and tension soothing blends calm and relax. Beneficial for nerves, anxiety, pain, stress and sleep…

CalmUniteaCalm Unitea

Nurture Heart: Gentle heart nourishing tonic promotes “calm unity” with a cool, light, green, peaceful spirit. Multiple benefits like soothing mind and nerves, and bringing heart rhythms back to gentle balance. Calm Unitea evokes calm intention, clarity and focus.  Sage benefits are cooling, calming and composing.  [shop online]

100% Organic sage leaf, hawthorn leaf and flower, red clover herb, saint johns wort, lemon balm, red rose petals, fennel seed, california poppy leaf, green rooibos, rose hips, spearmint leaf, linden flower and leaf.


Happy Unconcern: An “outlandish” blend of the well-known “south pacific” root of peace and soothing lavender merge into this aromatic, earthy blend to relieve stress, tension and anxiety, promote muscle relaxation and pain relief.  Kavalander induces “Happy Unconcern” with a synergy of herbs that celebrate diversity and harmony. [shop online]

86% Organic kava kava root, lavender flower, saint john’s wort, red raspberry leaf, lemon balm


Calm Relax: Very soothing, calming and sedative relaxant to the nerves and the mind. Highly beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, irritability, nerve and muscle tension, and promoting good sleep. Our most “yinward” and relaxing alchemy of aromatics flowers and leaves to soothe heart, mind, body and soul.  [shop online]

100% Organic chamomile flower, skullcap leaf, lavender flower, passionflower, oatstraw, lemon balm, linden flower and leaf.

SweetSurrenderSweet Surrender

Dream Sleep: Ultimate stress-busting sedative, stronger than Moondance. Very effective for relieving chronic and acute stress, and insomnia.  Surrender to a deeper level of relaxation and sleep with this rootier and dreamier “full moondance” blend.  [shop online]

98% Organic chamomile flower, skullcap leaf, lavender flower, passionflower, oatstraw, lemon balm, linden flower and leaf, kava kava root, valerian root. (formerly Full Moondance).

REJUVENATING HERBALS   ~ Tonics to renew and restore daily ~

Renew vitality and restore vital energy with these supernourishing, restorative tonics. Rich and spicy or ultra-green.

DreamersChaiDreamers Chai

Spiced Rooibos: Sweet honeybush and classic chai spices with restorative deep red rooibos, harmonizes and revitalizes essential and vital energy. Invigorating and enlivening spices bring this warm and earthy African “bush” blend to life!  Available in Port Townsend, only.

100% Organic rooibos, honeybush, ginger root, cinnamon chips, cardamom pods, coriander seed, black pepper, clove buds.


Ground the Rhythm: Warming, rich, dark roasted yerba mate’-roasted dandelion root blend is a great rejuvenative coffee alternative, gently restorative and beneficial to the liver, too.  Available in Port Townsend, only.

100% Organic *roasted yerba mate’, roasted dandelion root, cinnamon chips, honeybush, orange peel.     *low caffeine

EssentialTonicEssential Tonic

Nourish Restore: Super nourishing, vitamin-mineral rich tonic is ultra-alkalizing and creates a delicious green tonic to rebuild vitality.  Great base tonic to custom build you own tea blends by adding your favorite herbs to this essential herbal. [shop online]

100% Organic red raspberry leaf, nettles leaf, oatstraw, red clover herb, alfalfa.

TaiChiTai Chi

Flowing Energy: Sweet, supergreen peppermint-nettles-licorice blend enhances flowing energy, builds stamina, enhances breath and strengthens vitality. Great restorative spring tonic! (not recommended with hypertension).  [shop online]

100% Organic peppermint leaf, nettles leaf, licorice root, red clover herb, spearmint leaf, oatstraw.

WELLNESS HERBALS   ~ Preventative Care or Wellness Treatments ~

Restore health and wellness with these immune strengthening, cleansing and purifying herbal blends.

ColdComfortCold Comfort

Warm the Fire: Immune-boosting echinacea-ginger spice cold and flu tamer, warms, clears congestion, soothes throat, calms cough and restores wellness. Great preventative, or treatment, for colds/flus, allergies, hayfever, general chills and feverishness.  [shop online]

100% Organic echinacea root, ginger root, elder flower, lemon balm, lemongrass, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, wild cherry bark, yarrow flower, cinnamon chips, rooibos.

DailyPuriteaDaily Puritea

Cleanse Renew: Great-tasting detoxification blend for cleansing liver, blood and kidneys, especially beneficial for all ailments related to liver, hormone balance, skin and eyes. Safe to drink multiple times a day!  [shop online]

100% Organic dandelion root, dandelion leaf, burdock root, red clover herb, nettles leaf, licorice root, peppermint leaf, alfalfa, raspberry leaf, orange peel, cinnamon chips, oatstraw.

ElderberryWisdomElderberry Wisdom

Strengthen Immunity: Deep purple elderberry-cinnamon blend provides anti-viral immune strengthening, warms and provides antioxidants and vitamin C, both prevents and treats cold and flu.  [shop online]

100% organic elder berries, cinnamon chips, lemon balm, honeybush, red clover herb, rose hips, orange peel, hibiscus flower.



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